Hey loves, it’s already a Wednesday, it’s hot outside and summer started to showing its teeth. It’s almost a year since I’ve started my blog, but this post is not about that – those thankful thoughts are going to be up on that “celebrating” day. I am sitting behind my work desk, and thinking about pros and cons in blogging as a Slovenian fashion blogger.

I wanted to be a part of fashion since forever, those Carrie Bradshaw words always lifted me up. I remember when I was 14 and went to see this Sex and the City first movie with my best friend – we didn’t even know what fashion is, not to even mention sex. By  the end of the movie Samantha was a character who thought us that 😉 . However my fashion instinct was never actually taught, I was always obsessed with clothes and stylings and I still am.

What do you need to be a fashionable geek? Nothing – just be yourself. That’s the main reason I’ve started my blog in the first place. I want to show girls, that you can call yourself a fashion geek whenever you want and no one can stop you. Girls are programmed to compare ourselfs to other “cooler” girls, who are “more popular” and “prettier” than we are. We are thinking about their lives, their outfits, their perfume, even their job. But what is that criteria that tells us who is better and whose guidelines should we follow?

We are limits and guidelines to ourselfs.

I am saying, that I did never let other people to control me. I’ve had those insecure moments in high school, there was this girl, she had everything, but one day one of my classmate came to me and told me how beautiful I am today. That day I was thinking to myself “She is probably saying this just to make me feel better”. But then it hit me – the grass is always greener on the other site. Since then I have this picture of beauty and elegance in my head, I am sticking to it and I am probably never letting it go. I was always this pastel freak, I don’t like too much colour, not even now, when this is so popular and MUST-HAVE, I am sticking to my style and this is who I am. I am thankful for opportunities, for what I can do, for this passion to fashion and that’s why I wish this to other girls too. Blogging helped me realise that each women deserves kindness and love. I can honestly say, that blog is the reason I am a better person.


Z ljubeznijo, Maša