Hey loves, we are already in the middle of June (6th) and it doesn’t feel like real summer yet – at least not to me. I have my moments when I am not that big of a fan of summer, but most of the time it’s really top season of the year. I really want to avoid my bad mood through the summer, that’s why I am careful when it comes to choosing outfits for really hot days. This years “must-have” that I would like to suggest is SLIP ON dress with lots of frills, which is so popular piece these days. I found mine in H&M store, for just 15 eur! Combination of slip on dress and some random T-shirt underneath is just the best summer styling. Every time I put on one black piece, I feel like a real rock’n’roll star, is it just me? Have a nice start of summer and don’t forget to find your dreamy slip on dress!


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Z ljubeznijo, Maša