Hey loves. I just started writing my new post when something stopped me – but what? Sometimes I just have this block, and I just can’t continue, I can’t work, I can’t think, I just stop and breath for a while. This time I totally new what’s up. I was thinking about this horror stories around the world, I was thinking about people, how this ugly word of intolerance started to spread uncontrollably. I can’t think of a good reason why this ugliness even started. Remember that time when the whole world just got along? Yeah, me neither, because the fear of tolerance don’t let us. But hey, everything is possible if everybody could adjust the way of thinking for a bit. You know, we are all different, you can’t just put people in few groups and think this is it – it’s not, each and everyone of us is different, and unique, why can’t you just let us be? Why you need to judge everybody and play God? I actually stopped worrying about others opinions and opened my mind. Sometimes I am scarred just like everyone else, I think to myself what are people gonna think about my choice of clothes, my choice of words or my thinking, but eventually I stopped. I think that every person needs a chance to become and achieve whatever he/she wants. World could really become a great place to live in, if every person could open their mind and heart, just love your life and help others. Don’t hurt others but just try to spread love, that’s enough for a happy life! Earth is a great place where people can be united and supported – you can just imagine what we could achieve together!

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