Yesterday I visited Deichmann (click) and found myself some really great new pair of shoes. Summer is finally in the city and you can feel the heat in the streets now, so I’ve chose wedged sandals – they are so comfortable and airy, just perfect for a summer day. In the afternoon me and my boyfriend grabbed our bikes for the first time in a while and went in the city centre. I ordered lemonade, Jan ordered ice tea and we just sat in the sun – enjoying every minute of it. I thought about last summer and my beginnings on blog – it’s almost a year now, oh my how the time flies. Sometimes I just ask myself – is it worth it? Is it really worth my effort and energy, to put myself through all of this and leave everyone else on the side for a while? Sometimes we just have to live our lives at fullest and forget about everything else and just be happy. That’s why I’m not asking myself this questions again – yes it’s worth it, yes I am happy and YES I am going to continue with my work. I love what I do, I am doing it with all my heart and nothing will ever stop me. Because I am a girl and I can do it (and I have the best boyfriend by my side :))!

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša