Hey loves, last Friday I attended opera night in the city park in Maribor. SNG Maribor started this project 2 year ago to celebrate with the whole city an ending of an opera season. All those stars and blue sky were the reason that this night was more special and magical than any other. Families from the city came with children, all of them brought blankets that they could sit on the grass (still dressed full for the opera), some of them even brought food so they could make a real picnic. It was such a fun and amazing night, the city was reborn and awake again, people were laughing, happiness was really in the air and you could feel the warmth in people. Centre of Maribor was filled with people – young, old, children. SNG Maribor really put an effort in this project that came out more than just amazing. I think we should have more than just one project like this per year, so we could really enjoy our city again.

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša