Hey girls, as we are drifting towards summer I am preparing my wardrobe for summer pieces. My favourite shops are filled with swimsuits, skirts, shorts, crop tops and dresses, and I am so excited to fill up my closet all over again. As I was online shopping (Saturdays are perfect for that kind of things) I saw so many things I want, but sadly I ordered just those pieces I really needed for now (I am getting my new sunglasses by Fendi – you can find them here. I am so happy, because I was looking for them forever and I totally fell in love when I found them!). In this post you will see my wish list from Romwe – online store, where you can find different sort of clothes for reasonable price and great quality. My denim jumpsuit (click) is from Romwe if you remember. I hope you would find those pieces interesting and buy something for yourself too.

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