Weather is finally getting warmer and I can finally say that I am totally prepared for new adventures. In the past few days I’ve got so many invitations to press events for next week, but sadly I am not able to be there. I am visiting Venice, see Garda lake (for the hundredth time, but it’s magical every time) and visit the best adventure park – GARDALAND!

I am such an adrenaline freak and so obsessed with those adrenaline rides, but I feel so crazy and alive when I am there. Being a kid is a great feeling, but staying a kid forever is the best! For those kinds of trips, it’s so important to find the right kind of shoes that are going to stay on your feet for the whole day. I visited Deichmann store, where shop assistant advised me to buy this pair of shoes, that I am wearing with an outfit on pictures bellow. They are so comfy and in my favourite colour – white with brown laces, great choice for skirts, dresses or even just a simple jeans/t-shirt outfits.

SNEAKERS Deichmann, JEANS Zara, T-SHIRT H&M, HANDBAG Deichmann

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša