How are you? In Maribor it’s not going on so much. It’s even hard to find a perfect spot for outfit pictures, but it’s good having nature so close to home. In spring everything becomes green, colourful and the city is reborn again. I am trying to find perfect spots everyday and as it seems I feel good everywhere. Another sunny day is great for having an outfit photoshoot and just to sit with ice cream in one and photo camera in other hand.

As you know, in spring is a lot going on. So many presentations for summer collections, new makeup lines, and so on and so on. In next week on Wednesday it’s going to be a great ArtDeco workshop with amazing artists and other Slovenian bloggers, and another great presentation of Oriflame new natural line. But sadly I am going to spend this week in Italy so I am going to have to leave this two out. I am so looking forward to FINALLY meet my co-bloggers in person some day and I really hope it’s going to be soon.

But about this look – I am so crazy about rock stylings, I love this young and fresh outfit of mine.

img_4592-copy img_4588-copy img_4522-copy img_4605-copy img_4567-copy img_4590-copy img_4581-copy img_4591-copy img_4583-copy img_4586-copy img_4514-2-copy img_4480-2-copy img_4589-copy img_4593-copy img_4500-copy img_4595-copy img_4598-copy img_4596-copy img_4597-copy img_4600-copy img_4603-copy img_4606-copy

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 20.41.12

Z ljubeznijo, Maša