Hey guys, when I came back from Rome, I actually got to think about our life in Maribor. It seem so quiet and calm, all the people are the same, no difference in thinking and living their lives. It actually made me a little sad about how calm this life in little Maribor is, but sometimes it’s ok that way. When you want to change your lifestyle in something more vigorous and alive you can visit Ljubljana whenever you want, and come back to Maribor, whenever you decide you need some piece and quiet again.

In Rome I’ve met so many different people, so many different styles and outfits on them, and I’ve decided to bring a little piece of that in our city. We are still a little introverted when becomes to difference between people and thinking, that’s why people are still shy to wear whatever they want. I’ve decided I am not going to be careful about what people are thinking and I am just going to be who I wanna be. In this styling I’ve put together white jeans, pink sneakers with bow and the most beautiful parka ever. This parka is not so popular in our streets, that’s why I’ve put it on me. What do you think? I know it’s not so different, but you need to start somewhere.


img_4178-copy img_4097-copy img_4189-copy img_4176-copy img_4095-copy img_4183-copy img_4184-copy img_4186-copy img_4188-copy img_4182-copy img_4190-copy img_0169

Z ljubeznijo, Maša