I am back from my vacations in Rome. This city is my favourite one so far, all those streets, buildings and big city beat. I found so many new styling ideas, got to know the real Italian fashion and fell in love with Roman sun. In the middle of spring this city gets all those beautiful spring colours, but for me one thing is clear – I am obsessed with green colour. My wardrobe is full of green pieces for this spring and I absolutely love it. This colour is calm, fresh and warm and it talks to your heart, it’s the right choice for spring. It’s finally that time of a year, when you can definitely put your warm clothes deep in the closet and put on something more simple. My recipe for being relaxed and still beautiful is: put on green plisse skirt and simple t-shirt and show the world that the streets are yours. This styling is perfect for wandering around the city or just sit in coffee shop and sip your coffee like Italians do. Click on SheIn online store and find your perfect skirt for your summer days!

SKIRT SheInSHIRT Massimo Dutti, BAG Zara

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša