Hello, or kaliméra should I say. If you are following me on my instagram account, you could notice I am sadly back from my Rhodes trip, where I had an amazing time. Greek is such and amazing place with kind people and very beautiful sea. I started my trip as a typical tourist with an open heart to new adventures in old town Rhodes. We spent two days in a beautiful apartment in the middle of the centre, but the last five days were the days that let a seal in my heart. As soon as I entered in Atrium Prestige Thallaso spa resort (visit their site here) on the southern side of the Island, I fell in love. This stunning building owns 3 big pools with the view on the sea, so many apartments, even with their private pools, top culinary, the best employees and private sand beach with lots of sunshine. I am 23 years old, and I have to admit it – these were the first vacation in that kind of style and I loved it. But I am going to tell you all about this stay in another post – today I am going to list you 5 top reasons why you should visit Rhodes at least once.

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The first thing I think about when I am looking for cities to spend my summer holidays in, is beach and beach accessibility. I like being on relax/easy mode and as much as I love to sport during summer days, I am looking for a accommodation near beach, so I don’t have to hike across the whole island. Rhodes is a small island, so if you are flexible and you would like to see more than just one part of it, I recommend you to rent a car. The main reason I fell in love with this Greek island is because you can find every kind of beach there – sand, rocky – and they are easy to find. That’s why car is a great option, you drive wherever you like, and stop whenever you want. You have so many choices to jump into water, you can find beach with a bar on every 5 km so you can relax and just enjoy – like the real Greek people.


When I found out we are going to Greece at the end of the June – it was my first time – I didn’t know what to expect. Greeks are known for beautiful architecture, mostly medieval style with Greek Gods and everything that includes their polytheist history. If you are kind of a history “geek” or you adore architecture, I think Rhodes is the right place. When entering old town Rhodes you can feel hard work of their ancestors, they are really trying to keep this history spirit behind the medieval wall and people can be easily impressed by their abilities to build. In the past, I spent summer days mostly in Croatia, where cities are a little like Greek – it’s closer to us and they have amazing sea, but know I can confirm that I have to see more of our beautiful world.

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You have so many options to find the right accommodation there. Plenty of places for every budget and every taste. For the start we choose a small apartment in the middle of the centre, so we could enjoy city spirit. We stayed in the centre for two days, where we saw the whole town, try every restaurant and experienced the Greek life (I can tell you, we should try living like them sometimes, it’s so much easier). For the last five days, our lives changed into Gods. On the southern side of the island, there is a 5 star resort, with everything you want, the nicest people and the best beach. This were heaven and for the first time in months, I could totally switched off and let my mind just wander. As well as this, you can stay in private houses near other beaches, or try to spend your days in light house near Lindos beach.


Greeks are known for the best mediterranean food. Grilled meat and cheese, with sauce and vegetable, or their best homemade pie with pesto, maybe a moussaka. If you are visiting Rhodes (or any Greek city) you should try out tzatziki (cucumber, yogurt, with spices), or if you are in a hurry stop on the street and try their gyros, but don’t forget about the dessert – baklava is pure heaven. When eating this, you should not leave out Mastixa, Metaxa or Ouzo – Yamas.


Life in a city can be stressful and loud. Whenever I get a chance I try to switch off, but that’s really rare when I am home. People in Greece, especially on islands, are used to calm and non-stressful life, I think maybe because of the heat slows them down, but maybe because life is so much more beautiful this way. Even as a tourist you hardly think and act fast, as soon as you land on Rhode island everything becomes slower and calmer, there is not a thing you should stress about. The main reason locals are so nice, is this relaxing life they are having.

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša