What pops into your mind, when someone says socks? I think of winter, cold weather, cozy evenings at home – everything but summer, right? As you can tell, we have a 1000 degrees outside, it’s pure hell and I am actually thinking about living in a fridge for a while, but nevertheless at the evenings this intense heat disappear. Every time when sun goes down and the night comes, I feel a little coldish (I think this is just in my mind, but still), that’s why I need some stylish socks in summer too. I really hate those regular white, black and in-one colour socks that everybody owns. I need to be different (as always), that’s why I found this cute little online store (they are two actually) where you can find different stylish, fashionable socks with different colourful designs. Lunanay.si (click) and Stumfki.si (click) offers you so many choices, different combinations and materials. You can order those popular nylons with bow, or just regular high socks with watermelon graphic. So many choices for small amount of money and more than GREAT quality. If you are one of those girl (I know I am) who destroy pantyhose each and every time, you should really visit their site and try one pair of their nylons.

Lunanay.si (click) is an online store, where you can find pure Slovenian products. Those socks are made in Slovenia and those great graphics on them are Slovenian idea. For now you can find them online (click) or in store (just in Slovenia) Nama, Ikona or Cocozebra.

The second online store is Stumfki.si (click) which is also a Slovenian site, but they have imported socks from abroad. Both of them have great selection and I think they are going to take care of us through the whole year!

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša