Hey loves, I was just wondering, who says that pink and red doesn’t come along? This question hunts me for a while now, wherever I step, whenever I see a combination of pink and red together. Few years ago there was a rule : “NEVER mix colours that doesn’t match”. But who can tell which colour is a perfect match? I was never a fan of colourful outfits, mixing different shades or (God no) put together the forbidden colours – but since I am trying to work in this big world of fashion I am open to everything. The other day I finally got the courage and style red and pink in one outfit, add some sparkles (shopper bag and espadrille) and went in the streets with my head held high. These days everything is possible! Because I found myself a perfect sunglasses in optic Pirc Maribor (click) I wore this pair all day (even during the little shower that totally surprised me). You can find those most beautiful espadrille and shopper bag in Deichmann (click).


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Z ljubeznijo, Maša