Hey loves, before you start (and stop) reading, I have to warn you that you should probably read this through – all down there it’s a small surprise, your skin is going to be very very thankful.

I am always trying to find the perfect facial creams and skin care products, always checking for ingredients and trying to adjust my choice with my skin type. Do you wanna know why? The most important thing for your skin to look healthy and shinny is the right skin care products, rich with minerals and ingredients that your skin needs. If you are using the wrong ones it may cause you some difficulties in the future (in some cases immediately) – unwanted acnes, redness, or too much oiled skin, and this is the opposite of what you wanted. When looking for the right skin care products, try to choose the most natural ones, with a small amount of chemical substances. The price is (almost every time) higher, but your skin and body will be thankful. Few weeks ago I visited online store izberizeleno.si (click) and found a perfect facial cream for me. Moisturizing and soothing cream is perfect for  sensitive skin, that is not quite sure if it want to be greasy or dry. This Oliv’ (click) cream is the perfect reason to spend some money and be happy for a while. It controls greasiness, your skin is healthier and smoother. The main ingredients are shea butter, olive leafs extract, camomile, almonds and everything with lots of minerals. I was having some skin problems since I stopped with birth control pills, my level of hormones grew and I was getting too much acnes, that’s why I started with this skin care product. Since I was using this cream all those problems stopped. I am definitely sure it’s worth the money, and you will smell divine.

Since you are so faithful reader and follower, I prepared you the best deal. At the end of your shopping session on izberizeleno.si (click) enter this code: GLAMOR and get 15% discount!

Sale with name of my blog starts TODAY, hurray!

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