Hey, hey, do you have the same problem as most women do – CELLULITE? Yeah, scary word, but it’s the truth. Some of the girls are lucky but some of them are just not. What can you do to get rid of this annoying orange peel skin? ANTI-CELLULITE cream is the answer (beside all the workout, taking care of your body in general, detoxification, etc). To find the proper cream took me a lot of effort. I always check the ingredients, the structure and the very important thing – smell, before I decide it’s the right one. When I get out of the shower and apply cream on my skin I just have to smell good – right? It’s not all about the scent, so be careful when you are looking for the proper products for your skin. That’s why I choose L’occitane refilling concentrate with almonds. L’occitane is following me everywhere, I’m using their hand cream, body lotion, shower gel just because the scent is the best and the quality is amazing. This anti-cellulite cream absorb quickly in your skin, it doesn’t leave you sticky feeling and the results are shown fast. The scent of fresh almonds and caffein reminds me of coziness and it gives me a great feeling about myself. When applying the cream you need to know that you can’t just put the cream on, but massage it properly deep into your skin. Anti-cellulite massage technique is very important thing when you want to get rid of orange peel skin, also don’t forget about the right skin care – regular peelings to remove dead skin cells, proper body lotion and hygiene, drink a lot of water, work out and take a good care of your body. After all it’s your body!

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša