Whenever I start packing for a new trip I get excited and nervous at the same time. I am always asking myself what do I need to make my trip simpler and more relaxed, but the truth is – less thinking (but still more writing) means a lot more relaxed vacations. In this post, I will show you my top 10 list of tips to smoother your trip.


1. Write down a list of things you’ll need for your trip. Do you remember school trips? Every time teachers told us we are going for a trip, they gave us a list of things we need to bring with us. It simplifies packing and it doesn’t give you a chance to forget something important. You can start your trip more relaxed and with everything you need. My list starts with basics as – underwear, pyjamas, everyday outfits, etc. Don’t forget about your medicine in case you need one, sunscreen, antibiotics, cosmetics, phone charger, games (in case you get bored), etc. But try to keep your list as small as possible, so you don’t have to struggle with too much of a luggage.

2. Bring as little amount of clothes as possible. Even if this sentence sounds a little off, it’s true. I am a fashion blogger but I am really trying to pack my clothes smart and just for those days I am going to be on a trip. The best tip about styling on trips I can give you is – try to make an outfit for every day (if you are going to be away for 5 days, pack your best pair of jeans and try to combine 5 different t-shirts, keep your outfits as simple as possible, but try to dress in layers in case it’s going to be a rainy trip).

3. Plan your days in advance. It doesn’t mean you have to strictly stick to your plans, but try to have a small plan what do you want to see. Cities are mostly very big, so tourist spots are not in the same place. Look on the map and mark places you want to see first so you don’t have to run around all the time. Check the opening hours and write down the entrance fees.


4. Ask the locals where to eat or drink. It’s very important to look up the places where to eat or drink. Mostly those tourist restaurants are more expensive and of less quality. Find out where the locals are eating, it’s cheaper, you can try local food and it’s going to be a once in a life time opportunity. This way you get to know the city better.


5. If travelling by a plane – find the perfect parking spot. If travelling by a car – bring your spare keys. Be aware of car thieves, try to find parking garages for less money, be flexible. If you are travelling by plane – so many agencies have their own parking spots on airports. Airports are definitely having parking places, but for so much more money. If you pay your parking spot in the travelling agency you can save a lot of money and stress. For example – in Slovenia, we have tourist agency Sonček. You can buy your parking spot for 7, 10 or 14 days. For 7 days you pay 60 EUR. The parking spot is 1km away from the airport, but the ride is organised for free with shuttle busses. The car is safe and you save some money too. But if you are travelling by your car, try to remember to bring your spare keys with you. It happens so many times that you lost your keys or handbag, it’s a good call to bring your spare keys – left one in a suitcase (in the hotel) and have one with yourself. Better to have two of them than none.

6. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Even a fashion blogger knows that. When travelling you are planning to see as many things as possible, which means you are going to walk A LOT. Don’t try to ruin your special moments with painful calluses, try to wear comfortable shoes. If you are planning to make some beautiful pictures or you are heading out in the evening, bring one more pair of shoes with you. As a fashion blogger I always bring TOO MANY shoes and TOO MANY clothes, but when I am walking around I wear comfy shoes, and when I am taking pictures I just change (sssshhhh it’s a secret).


7. Watch your stuff. When you are in the middle of the square in the most known tourist spot, or in the line to enter a museum watch your bag, your pockets and hands. Thieves are highly skilled and they know how to get to your stuff. Be aware of people around you and try to hold your purse in front of your body. I am not saying that all the people are bad, but it happens very often that tourists end up with no money and documents.

8. Before you leave your country, find out more about your mobile data. If possible stay offline, but if you are like me (I really can’t turn off for more than 10 minutes) then find out about options abroad. Mobile networks work very differently – they have different tariffs of calls and roaming (that is going to change in EU in this June). Operators in your country offer you different options with roaming for less money.

9. Get yourself a prepaid credit card. Advice about money – don’t bring too big amount of money with you, upload your money on prepaid credit card as many as you think you need it and that’s it. Avoid unpleasantness of modern hacking on your current bank account, or staying without all of your physical money.

10. If you can – just turn off and totally enjoy. On the last day of your trip try to lose yourself a little in the city, enjoy every step of new experiences and get to know the whole new culture. Get to know new people and open up for new opportunities. Try to find at least one new friend and just be in the right place at the right time.

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša