Italy is my favourite country since I was a little girl. I’m always connecting this country with all good memories and times I’ve spent there with my family and fiance and that’s because I’m always there during spring holidays. This year we decided to visit Rome and Vatikan- city of history and religion. This was my wish for a while now, so I was prepared very good. The capital of Italy is one big museum through whole city, all those beautiful streets gives you a touch of a historic memories and shows you what was life like before us.  Roman people are warm, open and pleasant but still the biggest cholerics. Chaos on the rodes and crowded centre shows you what a big city is like – I am a big fan of it.

“Rome wasn’t build in a day!”

This quote is written for a reason – buildings and historic spirit in Rome is exclusive and I am telling you, you need to see it for yourself. In case that you’ve already been there, you know what I am talking about. I’m sure you’ve already read all about tourist spots, what to visit, where to be careful and all that stuff nevertheless I’ve decided to show you my #top5 list of Rome attractions.

#1 St. Peter’s Basilica 

Is the center of catholic religion. This mighty building is the biggest church in the world and was build in the middle of renaissance by the most known artists – Michelangelo, Bernini, Maderno and Bramante. This is the place where lives the father of catholic religion – the Pope. Big Saint Peter’s square is directed in front of the Basilica was designed so the greatest number of people could see the pope. We went all the way up on the highest point and of course take a picture of the whole city below the building.

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#2 Trevi fountain

They say if you throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder you’ll definitely return in Rome. Of course we did that – who doesn’t? This romantic spot in the middle of Rome is a real movie star where crowd stops and watch the most known baroque fountain in the world. In the history this fountain was terminal point of one of the aqueducts that supplied water to ancient Rome, but now it’s one of the main reasons to visit Rome.

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#3 Monument of Victor Emmanuel II

This marble white building is a monument in honor to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy. Inside of this great architecture you can visit museum, library and archive. On the top of the stairs you can see almost every great building in Rome city and you have to take a picture on this marble scene. Almost every traveller stops there and just sits for a while to absorb this roman feeling.

img_3976-copy img_3839

#4 Colosseum

Originally called Flavian Amphitheatre was build till 80 A.D (in a year of our lord). It could hold to 80.000 audience and it was used for gladiatorial contests. During all those years Colosseum was damaged because of natural disasters such as earthquakes, that’s why there is just a half of it. If you decide to have a tour around Colosseum, you can see where all those people were sitting, where were the battle, where they’ve held all those hungry animals, etc. At first I thought those are just rocks, but those rocks still have its ancient Rome spirit.

img_3729 img_4014-copy img_3762-copy

#5 Spanish steps

They were build to connect Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinita dei Monti French church. Extremely beautiful architecture that actually reminds me of Spain. Flowers on top of the stairs and crowd all over the stairways gives me a smile on my face. When you are on the top of the stairs you can see the whole square and shops bellow. At the beginning of spring they put pots of azaleas on stairways before anniversary of the foundation of Rome until early May, so if you can, visit Spanish steps during that time.

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša