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Hey girls, did you know that you need to drink at least 1,5l water per day? I have my dose of water with me every step of the way. Do you know how? This post is all about the pink, made of a glass bottle that stole my life.
I’ve decided that my quantity of water per day is not enough, so I’ve found this greatly shaped bottle, with wonderful engravings. It is not just handy, but it’s great accessory too! This product is designed in Slovenia, and I am very proud of it. Its employees donate 10% of profit to different organizations and ecological campaigns through whole Europe. This idea popped into their heads because our world is not getting any cleaner, and no man is an island so they’ve decided that they can do something about this. This idea was growing and growing in their heads until the business begun. Made of glass bottles are shaped exactly as our hand grip, so you can hold it easier. The glass is borosilicate, which means your water is staying fresh and healthy and it contains very low amount of artificial substances so your water can stay in there for a little while. In my words – it’s healthy for your amount of water.

My bottle has feminine look, with white-pink magnolias on the front, and at the bottom pink silicone which gives it extra protection. It holds 550ml, and of course, it’s leak proof. The plug on the bottle is silver and gives a very sophisticated look. I really love this bottle and drink more and feel healthier. You can find your version on trgovinaika.si where they offer you all Slovenian products or visit myequa.com!

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Z ljubeznijo, Maša